Ashenground and Bolnore Woods lie to the South of Haywards Heath, a short distance from both Beech Hurst and Victoria Park. The Woods consist of Ashenground Wood, Pierces Wood, Catts Wood and Bolnore Wood. Ashenground and Pierces Woods lie to the West of Ashenground and to the East of Bolnore Village. Catts Wood and Bolnore Wood lie to the West of Bolnore Village. All four woods form part of a Local Nature Reserve.

Access to Ashenground Wood is gained from Ashenground Bridge, at the bottom of Ashenground Road, or via the bridleway that runs from Bolnore Road to Ashenground Bridge, or via the path to the South of the School Site in Bolnore Village. Access to Pierces Wood is via the entrances at Brooklands, Pierces Lane or from the Rocky Lane entrance in Lower Village. The main entrance to Catts Wood is in Cattswood Lane and the entrance to Bolnore Woods is close to Upper Village.

There are notice boards at all the main entrances on which can be found a copy of our Programme (also in the Events section of this website).

For meeting places for Conservation events and special events see the Programme in the Events section, where there is a map showing the meeting place. The program details indicate where to meet for each event.

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